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We’ll start with you, ”said the teacher, and Shaman felt the pointer on his shoulder again. He read and stuttered at a few words. After showing his picture and sitting back down, Mr. Byers called up Rachel Geiger, who was sitting at the far end of the long table. Even though Shaman leaned forward as far as he could, he couldn’t see her face or read her lips. He raised his hand.

“Please,” he said politely, as his mother had impressed on him, “I can’t see the faces from here. Can I stand in front of the class? “

In his last position, Marshall Byers had grappled with discipline issues, sometimes so bad that he was afraid to enter the classroom. This school offered him another chance, and he was determined to put the young savages under a tight grip. A tight seating arrangement seemed to be a suitable means. Alphabetically and in four small groups according to age. Every student in his or her place. So he couldn’t let this boy stand in front of the students while he was reading, staring at their mouths and maybe even making faces behind his back to make them laugh or cheat. “No, you mustn’t.” As a result, Shaman just sat there for most of the morning, unable to understand what was going on around him. During the lunch break the children went outside and played tag. He enjoyed it until the tallest boy in school, Lucas Stebbins, bumped into Alex while he was knocking off so he fell to the floor. When Alex got up again and clenched his fists angrily, Stebbins sat up in front of him. ‘You puff thugs, you bastard? We shouldn’t really let you play along. You’re a bastard, says my dad. “

“Didn’t know?” Replied Luke Stebbins. “That means someone other than his pa, a filthy crook named Bill Mosby, put Mrs. Cole his thing in her piss hole.” When Alex threw himself on the bigger boy, he dealt him such a blow that his His nose started bleeding and he fell back to the ground.

Shaman rushed towards his brother’s tormentor and was met with such a hail of blows to the ears that some of the children ran away because they were afraid of Lucas.

“Stop doing that! You’re hurting him! ”Rachel Geiger shouted angrily. Luke usually listened to her because he was confused that she had breasts when she was twelve, but this time he just grinned.

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