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“Is that like the thing they were talking about where people hated seeing their face on videophones?” “But you’re still a human being, Don, you still want to live, you piss

Contacts and society, you know intellectually that just because of your appearance you deserve contacts and society no less than anyone else, you know that if you want to hide from view for fear, you give in to a shame that you don’t need and who denies you the life that you deserve as much as any other girl, you know that you can’t change your appearance, but you also know that you are expected to change the way you look to influence. You are expected to have enough strength to control your desire to hide, and you are so desperate for that feeling of control that you are content with the appearance of control. “” You get a different voice, when you talk about all this shit. “” And then you hide your deep need to hide out of the need to make other people seem like you have the strength not to worry what appearance you others

Awakened to people. You shove your hideous face right into the optical meat grinder of the wine tasting bag, put a smile up to your earlobes, hold out your hand and are extra sociable and extroverted and try not to notice the mimic efforts of the others who are trying not to flinch or stare or let them show that they see you rudely disfigured and disfigured. You simulate the acceptance of your disfigurement. You take your wish to hide and hide it under a mask of acceptance. “” Is that shorter? “” In short, you hide your hiding place. And you do that out of shame, Don: you’re ashamed of the fact that you want to hide from view. You are ashamed of your uncontrollable need for shadow. The first stage at L.A.R.VE. is the admission of powerlessness in the face of the need to hide. The L.A.R.VE. allows its members to adhere to their basic need for secrecy

stand. In other words, we put on the veil. We put on the veil, wear it proudly and practice walking upright wherever we want, veiled and hidden, but now absolutely frankly and not ashamed of the fact that we are deeply sensitive to the appearance that we create in others react to the fact that we want to be saved from all visibility.

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