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“I don’t think I mind,” I said. “I think I even like it. I have probably gotten so used to it that it has become almost comforting. Under the circumstances, ”I said. My mother looked at me. “I’m not complaining,” I said. “I just had to think about it through our conversation now.” “Oh, we hear your bed, don’t worry,” said my father. He was still trying to squat, which caused his corset and smock hem to slide up, revealing his buttocks above the waist of his white trousers. He relocated his

Weight a little and pointed to the master bedroom ceiling. “If you turn around up there, will we hear this? We’ll hear that down here. ”He grabbed a steel strip of the rectangle and shook it vigorously, causing a haze of dust to rise. The bed frame seemed to weigh practically nothing under his hands. My mother put a finger mustache under her nose to keep from sneezing. He shook the frame again. “But that’s not why we go up the walls so much as we do this rodent piece of shit.” I noticed that, as far as I know, I had never heard her bed squeak upstairs. My father turned his head and wanted to look up at me who was standing right behind him. I said that when he pressed on the mattress I definitely heard a squeak and I could confirm at any time that no one had imagined this squeak. My father raised his hand and asked me to please stop talking. He stayed crouched, rocked slightly on the balls of his feet and held on to the rolling bed frame around the

Maintain balance. The meat in the upper area of ​​the buttocks oozed over the waistline. The nape of the neck showed deep red wrinkles under the blunt-cut wig as he looked up at my mother, who was leaning her tailbone against the window sill, still holding her flat ashtray. “Maybe you’ll be nice enough to get the vacuum cleaner,” he said. My mother put the ashtray on the windowsill, walked between the dressing table stacked with sheets and me, and left the bedroom. “If you … if you remember where it is! My father called after her. I heard my mother trying to get past the king-size mattress hanging diagonally in the hallway. The balls of my father bobbed harder and it was like the heeling and pitching of a ship on the high seas. He almost lost his balance as he leaned to one side to pull a handkerchief from his back pocket and waved dust from one corner of the bed frame.

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